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I’m currently a teenager boy and I have mostly the normal interests of most other teenager guys my age such as Xbox, PS3, computer games, Cars and stuff like that but unlike quite a large chunk of the teenager male population, I’m not really into football, rugby, tennis, cricket and well for that matter any sport at all (apart from ju-jitsu but that’s for another website).

Like my friends I have a great interest in Marvel comics, movies, merchandise, poster, etc, etc in basic I’m obsessed with Marvel. My room is covered in Marvel stuff from bobble heads to books, posters to (52 and counting) comics, mugs to figurines and it seriously goes on and on and on and on.

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I don’t know how or when this obsession started but at times, it has been a big nuisance for my mum and dad (and even sister) because when it comes to my birthday and Christmas, the main thing on my list is……. yea yea you guessed right…. Marvel stuff! And it’s hard for my mum and dad because they’re not sure who’s who or what’s what or what I really want and I think this is because of the limited knowledge of the mighty world of Marvel and lack of suggestion from websites or books (or even from me) or things like that.

This is were this website comes in, this will be hopefully a guide to the lasts, best or just dam right awesome Marvel gifts for friends, family or even just for yourself. I’m hopefully going to be reviewing some Marvel related items  but if you have any suggestions or any opinions, please feel free to email me at admin@marvelgiftideas.co.uk.

I’ll give you the best sites on where to buy theses Marvel gifts or Marvel related items, I’ll also comment on the things I have, experienced and most enjoyed and I will recommend them to you as a gift for friends and just a little treat for yourself.

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