Captain America Mugs

I love multi-purpose Marvel items such as mugs and there are so many mugs with different shape, designs and also level of awesomeness!

The choice of all of these decisions are yours but I’m going to talk about the stuff I love and would buy if I had the chance (or if anyone going to buy me one *cough cough*)

Bucky as Captain America. Art by Alex Ross

Bucky as Captain America. Art by Alex Ross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On, there are many types of mugs but I prefer the ye olde (retro) Captain America type mugs like there’s a great one with Captain America, his sidekick Bucky and also the evil Red Skull but I have found a pretty cool mug with Captain America on but you might not be on because of the time change and all, this mug is the face of the mighty Captain America and I have to admit that it does look childish but still I would want it (and I’m pretty sure you will be able to find it on and believe me you know once you see it).

I also really like the mugs which just have the shield or another logo of this patriotic hero but there are a couple of them on but otherwise there are actually really hard to find (which I think is very disappointing).


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