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Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Cover ...

Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Cover art by Joe Simon (inks and pencils) and Jack Kirby (pencils). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most recent Captain America movie (And probably in the top ten of my personal favourite movies).

It was released about 2011 and is a must-see for any Marvel or even for that matter any superhero fan, it is a brilliant movie.On IMDb, it says that this movie was a 6.9/10 which I know isn’t great but I personally think that it should deserve more than that like a lot more than that!

I don’t really want to spoil it or ruin it for you or anything like that so I’m not really talk to much of this film or anything and usually  it was released in 2011, it’s usually quite cheaper than straight releases. On, you can buy this epic DVD for about £17 which is quite a fair deal but you maybe able to find a cheaper version in the used section of this DVD (and I know the DVD if you buy the used one, might be of lesser quality but you’ll save a mighty amount of money.) but honestly i think this movie is worth loads more than £17 so it’s a really bargain!


I think this movie is also a stepping stone to epic Avenger movie release (which I am really excited about, to see the trailer on youtube, please press this link: and also if you watched to the end of the amazing Captain America film, it should give you a incredible clip of the future of Marvel movies! but I’m not spoiling it for you!


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