Spiderman is one of the first and probably one of the most well known of the entire Marvel universe. Peter parker (Spiderman’s real name) was started by Stan “the man” lee and the amazing Marvel artist (and writer) Steve Ditko.

Amazing Spider-Man #1

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Peter Parker was an orphan brought up by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter grew up into a young, shy, smart (and at times nerdy or geeky) man, which I find quite easy to relate to, he was in an unfortunate accident with a radioactive spider which gave him the abilities and powers of a spider. He had the ability to climb walls and in some comics, he was able to shoot webs from his hand (but in other comics, he created a device to shoot the webs for him). Unfortunately his failure to catch a fleeing thief ends up with the death of his beloved uncle later on the day but before Uncle Ben dies, he tells Peter Parker a very well known saying amongst comic lovers or comic haters, this saying is

“With great power, there must also come great responsibility!”

After this, Peter Parker struggles with rent with his widowed Aunt May, bullies in school and also his boss J. Jonah Jameson, who has no clue of Spiderman’s real identity and even juggling his personal life and his costumed adventures as the Amazing Spiderman.

There has also been 3 Spiderman movies made which in my opinion are very good movies and are needed for any Marvel or Spiderman fans and there are also making a fourth movie which has a complete change of actors and storyline and from what I have seen from the adverts of YouTube, it looks a very good movie and a must –see.

Spiderman is a very well developed character within the comics and movies and a very formidable enemy for any of the many Spiderman super villains (which include Green Goblin, Sandman and Doctor Octopus and many, many more.)

Spiderman has a range of merchandise like clothes range, poster, games, books and seriously the list goes on and on (like my entire Marvel collection).#

Spiderman (Madame Tussauds London).

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