Iron Man


The invincible iron man was born in 1963 (set in the background of the Vietnam War). Stan “the man” Lee came up with the idea of Iron Man character i.e.  A successful, handsome and wealthy businessman but with a secret and hindrance by needing his chest plate to stay alive but Larry Leiber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby eventually produced the first comic.

As the story goes, Tony Stark ran his multimillionaire company produce weapons for the U.S. government until once day, he went to a different country and was captured by communists and then forced to create weapons for them, Tony had a bullet towards his heart so he made a device to stop it from reaching his heart.

Iron Man

Iron Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of weapons, Tony and also prisoner (called Yinsen) created mighty armour to cover Tony, then he broke out and fought his way out, Tony make it out alive but then sadly Yinsen didn’t make it out alive.

After this traumatic experience, Tony creates a more powerful and stronger version of his chest plate (arc reactor) and then his armour making him the Invincible Iron Man.

Originally the Iron Man armour was first coloured grey but then it changed to golden yellow because of printing concerns and then eventually it has changed to many different ranges of colours and There have been many different types of armour made by Iron Man such as Space armour, War Machine armour, Hulkbuster Armour, arctic Amour, retro armour, Stealth armor, Anti-radiation armour, high gravity armour and many, many more!

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