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I’m starting to wear a lot more Marvel stuff and a great addition to my collection was a impulse buy from hmv.com, it was an Avenger t-shirt with the Avenger logo combined with the ionic Captain America but unfortunately it had one small problem, it was a small and a bit tight (on the positive side, it makes me look like a tank!). The shop only had it in a small and extra large which isn’t great choice for a 16 year old boy.  I wore it for about 4-5 days before putting in it the wash!

One of comics' most iconic covers: The Avenger...

One of comics' most iconic covers: The Avengers #4 (March 1964). Art by Kirby & George Roussos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hmv.com has a great selection of Avenger t-shirt (and they are bound to stay up for a bit of time because of the new movie release!) and these shirts are all about £12 and they look great! This site also has the helpful feature of allowing picking the product from a local shop which reduces the delivery which is an added bonus!

Amazon.com has actually a great choice of t-shirts (some of which I really want), they have loads of different ones from retro to the movies to individual character from the Avengers to the logo of this inspiring team. They are also quite cheap and a great bargain for an Avenger fan, honestly I want to buy all of them! The delivery for the t-shirt is usually quite cheap and won’t really add up too much money to the cost and since Amazon is a large company, they ship everywhere.

Allposter.com (despite its name it does sell some great t-shirts) has about 6 t-shirts and its t-shirt make the Avenger seem more destructive and evil but honestly it look pretty damn awesome! The prices are a tad expensive and the t-shirts aren’t in small but on the plus side, the shipping costs are quite decent and probably the cheapest ones I have seen in ages which is a advantage to go for these t-shirts.

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