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As I said in a previous page, there are three main (the fourth is coming soon!) Spiderman movies, which I find quite awesome and a must-see for anyone but that’s just my opinion so here’s some other people’s opinions and reviews on the past films and maybe some preview reviews on the fourth one, I’ll also tell the best place is to get them on DVD.

The very first Spiderman movie was created and shown in 2002 and it is given a rating of 7.5 of out 10 on the brilliant movie database IMDb.com which I think is very good rating for a movie made in 2002.

The second movie on the other hand, gained an average rating of 8.3 of out 10 on the movie review website rottentomatoes.com (don’t let the title of this site put you off, it is a very good movie review site), this movie is mainly based on the struggle of Peter Parker balancing his superhero lifestyle on top of his normal life.


Spider-Man (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)

The third movie was created in 2007 and in my opinion was the best Spiderman movie and maybe ranking 3rd or 4th in my list of favourite Marvel  movies but in the eyes of the mighty totalfilm.com, Spiderman 3 was ranked a incredible 4 out of 5. This is a great finisher for the trilogy and is a brilliant movie and a must-see.

You can buy all these on certain sites like amazon.com, which I trust and I really recommend for anybody to buy absolutely anything on, and also on play.com which you can buy a trilogy DVD set for just a small £7.99 which free delivery! A great bargain! But if you dislike buying stuff on the internet (which at times I am very scared off buying stuff off the world wide web), you can probably but this epic Spiderman trilogy in some shops but it could be very hard to find and buy.

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)

Now on to the new movie, I have seen it so I can’t really review it and also I don’t want to give much way (even though it don’t know much about this next Spiderman movie)  so here’s the link to the official trailer on YouTube, it should be released 4 July 2012.


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