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There are loads of spiderman collectables especially in sites like Marvel.com and forbiddenplanet.com but I personally think that any of the expensive collectables are probably the best and most exciting for any Marvel fans but these collectables are very very expensive for example an amazing looking limited edition life size carnage bust which actually looks incredible is about $500 which is approx. £320 without postage and packaging costs.

I don’t have £320 just lying around so I’m mainly going to focus on the cheaper and more suitable items (which would be more suitable for a teenager than a serious collector).

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Unfortunately there is only two main spiderman collectables on Marvel.com and one being the bust above and the other being spiderman shadow box which looks quite good but it also looks quite large (it’s dimensions are 14″ H x 14″ W x 1 3/4″ D) and might not fit on the average teenage boy room. It’s about $40 which is about £25 which is reasonably but Marvel.com doesn’t deliver to other countries apart from America which is a big flaw.

On forbiddenplanet.com, there are some spiderman collectables but not too much.

There are two spiderman busts which are quite high priced (about £200) but look very cool and good.

There are the collectables on this site but they look slighly childish but I still think they look good, some of these products are mugs, travel documents holders (such as bus passes etc), posters and a calender, these product are at least under £10 and I would recommend this business to anyone and also any of these product to anyone. Personally I think these products could be quite helpful for me such as the bus pass holder and calender but otherwise I do think they are quite childish (which I have said above).

Another good website for buying spiderman is Amazon.com because it has a huge choice but I think it’s a lot harder to find what you actually want because of this choice and the variety of the actually business but I think it’s great for searching for any marvel stuff on Amazon.com and a really good and since it’s a bigger business, it’s less risky buying over them and I think it is more secure also.

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