Captain America

Captain America is probably one of the most patriot superheroes and personally I think one of the greatest and probably my favourite out of the entire Marvel universe.

Captain America

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His first comic was in March 1941 which is a long time ago but Captain America is still running strong and getting more and more famous. Captain America (along with his loyal and but less famous sidekick James ‘Bucky’ Barnes) was created by the ultimate Joe Simon, who originally wanted to call the patriot crusader ‘Super American’, I think (and I hope you think this to) that Captain America has a better ring and a lot better.

Captain America (or Steve Rogers) was original a small wimpy adult who desperately wanted to fight in the Second World War but was denied ever time he went because of his height and his build but they didn’t see his determination and his inner strength.

Thankfully a professor who name is unknown takes Steve Rogers and several other fairly buff guys under his wing into his person experiment or the more well known as ‘the super soldier serum’, the professor plan was to create an army for America to end the terrible war but since the bigger guys didn’t have what it takes, the professor picks Steve Rogers on the basis on what he has inside him and not what size he is or how fast he can run, etc.

Steve is picked to become the incredible super soldier and he is placed into the machine to transform him into the super soldier.

After a couple of tense minutes later, Steve bursts out of the machine as a huge, buff man but a H.Y.D.R.A. (a evil group invented by Marvel) spy shoots the professor.

Steve grabs this unfortunate spy and throws him at the amazing machinery but it destroys the machine with the research about the super soldier with it.

Captain America ends up fighting his evil group H.Y.D.R.A with his trademark and most famous shield which is a round shield with the America flag colours coated on it, this incredible shield is made up of an experimental alloy of indestructible metal vibranium and steel.

There is a lot of story around this mighty hero such as civil war, Dark reign, siege and also his famous frozen and thawing story. Captain America has a range of merchandise like clothes range, poster, games, books and seriously the list goes on and on (like my entire Marvel collection).

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