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I know you’re probably looking for something for a teenager boy (or girl) but I really wanted to add this page in and you’re never too old for Lego and honestly Avenger Lego, why wouldn’t you buy it?

There are some great Avenger Lego sets (which have sections about the Movie which is awesome) but a fair warning, they are quite expensive but remembering that it could have a lot of uses and all.

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A good place to get these awesome Lego Avengers is the mighty Firestartoys.com which sells them a quite a large price but they have cheapish delivery and a very large section such as Hulk Helicarrier Breakout, Quinjet Arial Battle and also Wolverine Chopper showdown (Yes!… I know, Wolverine wasn’t in the Avenger but I thought to mention this because you might like the look of it).

Also on Firestartoys.com, You can also buy the minifigures of these Lego Avengers (or other characters) at a good price but this site also gives you the option to buy extra items for the mighty Avengers for example if you want to buy Lego Captain America, you can buy in the suggestions, his shield and American themed Bike and also even a stand for you to keep this hero safe from the outside world.

Maybe Lego isn’t your thing or you think you’re too old for Lego, Well there is rumours of a new Avengers Lego video games which shows absolutely amazing and would be one hell of a game!

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